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In 'The Day I Became a Superhero', seven-year-old Ommeh faces the toughest day in her life during a fatal car crash with her parents. She is alone and frightened at first, but something miraculous happens when she gets in touch with her inner superhero a...
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” ‘The Day I Became a Superhero’ is a thrilling and fantastic book that fills the reader’s heart with inspiration and a child-like magic! Honi Borden’s story pulls her readers into a world of warmth, family love, friendship, loyalty, personal tragedy, determination, and inspiration. She gives her readers a first-hand experience of extraordinary courage and exceptional power inspired by love and divine inspiration. At seven and half years old, Borden is able to move beyond the normal laws of nature and find within herself, in that critical moment, her hidden Superhero raising out of love into the next level of evolution and power in order to save the lives of her family. Whether you believe in a higher power or just the power of love and inspiration, Borden’s recount of her life-altering experience with those super-human forces, pulls the reader into a series of mental images and pictures that linger within us emotionally long after the story is told until the end. Written as a kids inspirational story, Borden’s message resonates with adult readers by helping us cross the boundaries of agelessness and once again touch the hand of our inner child, and the hidden face of our higher power.”

Raymond Q. Holmes, Founder/Director of Quintessence Institute – teaching the Art of Sehaj

“Honi Borden’s miraculous childhood experience is riveting and an important one to share! It had me spellbound. I will recommend this unique children’s book to all of my patients.

Phil J. Tavolacci, founder of TAVO Total Health

“Ommeh’s story reminds all of us that inside each person is a superhero just waiting to come out. If you have love in your heart, anything is possible.”

Rosie, thirteen years old, from Nevada

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Dearest DivinEssence:

Welcome Precious One. It is so beautiful to connect with you here as we are deeply LOVED and  ALWAYS guided on our journey.  However you have arrived, it is PERFECT as there is a powerful exchange of universal forces taking place thru the energy of flow.  I am HONORED to be of service to you in anyway that will be of assistance in guiding you to your own divine light and super natural power within. You are MAGNIFICENT ray of light fueled by Spirit Love and I share this BLISS from that expanded awareness of LOVE within with you.

Serving with Illumina…

meet honi

Perfect Health Institute (PHIΦ) is a Body, Mind, Spirit Way of Wellness where focus is on celebration of PERFECT Divine Gifts Within Everyone. All Classes, Playshops, Retreats and Events are facilitated by High Vibration LightWorker Community.

PHIΦ was Co-Created by Source & Honi Borden as a vehicle to bring community of DC Metro area together and CHOOSE to honor JOY as the mean of positive change.






PHI is a sacred space, filled with limitless possibilities. Sign up for a workshop, session, or class and give yourself the opportunity to remember …

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