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In 'The Day I Became a Superhero', seven-year-old Ommeh faces the toughest day in her life during a fatal car crash with her parents. She is alone and frightened at first, but something miraculous happens when she gets in touch with her inner superhero a...
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“The Day I Became a Superhero” is intense and beautiful. Recognizing that this story is based on Honi’s real life experience allows the idea of what a “superhero” is to evolve from just a concept depicted in movies and comic books to the reality that we all are “superheros” especially as heart centered beings. Honi’s description of the feeling of electricity and strength that filled her 7 year old body at the moment of tragedy INSPIRES us all to recognize the great possibility we all have to harness this strength that comes from the most powerful part of us- the heart. Thank you Honi for sharing your story.

Maryam Ovissi, co-owner, Beloved Yoga, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Curator

“Honi Borden’s bravery as an author is unmatched as she exposes a painful car accident that nearly left her orphaned as a child. As you immerse yourself in Borden’s life as a young girl growing up in Iran, you discover a universal truth—inside each of us is an angel of power; insurmountable power that is locked away, asking to be freed. Children and adults alike can learn from Borden’s courage to summon the power within.”

Stephanie Goetsch, CEO of HerExchange

“In ‘The Day I Became a Superhero’, I like how Ommeh did not get hurt even she was in a bad car accident. I learned that if I believe in myself, I can do something special.”

Hannah, eight years old, from Maryland

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Dearest DivinEssence:

Welcome Precious One. It is so beautiful to connect with you here as we are deeply LOVED and  ALWAYS guided on our journey.  However you have arrived, it is PERFECT as there is a powerful exchange of universal forces taking place thru the energy of flow.  I am HONORED to be of service to you in anyway that will be of assistance in guiding you to your own divine light and super natural power within. You are MAGNIFICENT ray of light fueled by Spirit Love and I share this BLISS from that expanded awareness of LOVE within with you.

Serving with Illumina…

meet honi

Perfect Health Institute (PHIΦ) is a Body, Mind, Spirit Way of Wellness where focus is on celebration of PERFECT Divine Gifts Within Everyone. All Classes, Playshops, Retreats and Events are facilitated by High Vibration LightWorker Community.

PHIΦ was Co-Created by Source & Honi Borden as a vehicle to bring community of DC Metro area together and CHOOSE to honor JOY as the mean of positive change.






PHI is a sacred space, filled with limitless possibilities. Sign up for a workshop, session, or class and give yourself the opportunity to remember …

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